Soccer Mommy Channels Sweet, Nineties-Steeped Sadness on ‘Color Theory’

Towards the beginning of Soccer Mommy’s new album, Color Theory, she gives a startling confession: “I am the princess of screwing up.” The singer-songwriter, real name Sophie Allison, is just two years into her twenties, but she sounds as if she’s been navigating early adulthood for decades, wading through the waters of depression and sadness while […]

Lil Baby Proves Why He’s Atlanta Rap’s Biggest Recent Success Story on ‘My Turn’

“I’m on my way, I’m going fast,” Lil Baby promised us on his debut single “My Dawg.” The Atlanta rapper was describing his excitement to get home and have sex, Three years later, the line could just as easily stand as the perfect epigraph for the breakneck speed at which has career has advanced. Baby’s trajectory spiked […]